Car lamp housing

The glass covers of the headlights,Car lamp housing and taillights of the vehicle are injection-molded of high-grade polycarbonate (also called PC, resin spectacle lens is this material). Polycarbonate has high hardness, high strength, high toughness, UV resistance and good light transmittance. Therefore, the color of the authentic lampshade does not change after long time use, and the transparency is good.

High-quality bulbs have good light distribution and high brightness, while inferior bulbs have insufficient brightness, poor focus, and short range. When overtaking, the driver will have an optical illusion, which is prone to accidents. Therefore, do not consider inferior bulbs when you modify the headlights by yourself or when the cause of damage needs to be replaced.

The material of the car lights is mostly plastic because plastic is more elastic than glass, and the downstream buffer will not easily break if it is not severely impacted. Even if it is broken on the road, it will cause strong damage to passers-by and animals. The weight is light, and the plastic lamp shell is about 0.5~1.4 kg lighter than the glass lamp shell. Corrosion resistance, good impact resistance, high transparency, good insulation, low thermal conductivity, good mechanical properties, strong plasticity, and easy forming and processing.

PC, polycarbonate and other materials have excellent impact resistance and transparency, good mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties, wide use temperature, high dimensional stability, and high creep resistance. The internal structure of the car lights causes a certain temperature difference in different parts, and the temperature of some reflectors and bezels may reach 100-190℃, so PC and PC-HT are generally selected when selecting materials.

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