Car radiator

Automobile water tanks ,Car radiator and radiators belong to the automobile cooling system. The radiator in the engine water cooling system is composed of three parts: the water inlet chamber, the water outlet chamber, the main plate and the radiator core.

Principle of car radiator

Automobile radiators are generally divided into two types: water-cooled and air-cooled. As the name implies, air cooling achieves the effect of heat dissipation through the flow of cold air. The air-cooled cooler generally has a dense fin structure in the outer casing. These fins can help heat conduction and keep the engine temperature at a low level. The water-cooled radiator takes away the heat through the flow of the coolant. The water pump pumps the coolant into the radiator, and then uses the running wind and the operation of the fan to cool the coolant to achieve the cooling effect.

How to clean the car radiator?
1. Since the car water tank is basically hidden in the engine bumper, the bumper needs to be removed before cleaning. When disassembling, make sure that all fixing screws have been unscrewed, and then slowly disassemble from both ends to the middle, and do not break the fixing buckle;
2. After removing the bumper, we can see the position of the water tank very intuitively. Adjust the muzzle of the water gun to a spray shape and adjust the pressure to a suitable size, and then flush the surface of the dirty water tank;
3. After rinsing, check whether the heat sink is damaged. If so, use tweezers or bamboo sticks to straighten it. After all inspections, install the bumper in the reverse order of disassembly to complete the cleaning of the water tank radiator.

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  • integra radiator Business Tips: Regarding the explanation of the small deformation of the core on the integra radiator, the radiator is composed of aluminum sheets.I believe that the majority of drivers also understand that the aluminum sheet will deform as soon as it is touched.Compared with the radiator,it is inevitable during the transportation to the buyer.

  • Working principle of automotive Radiator: When the car engine emits huge heat, the water tank will heat up according to its temperature change. When the water temperature reaches a certain level and the engine load, then it will send a signal to the vehicle system, and the system will follow the information it receives, as well as the outdoor temperature. After comprehensive consideration of the situation, the cooling fan will be adjusted to rotate at a high speed, and the effect of heat dissipation will be achieved quickly.

  • The role of the car intercooler is to reduce the temperature of the engine's intake air.

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