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Different types of car's headlight(2)

Fog lamp(car lamp housing)
It is installed in the front of the car at a slightly lower position than the headlamp, which is used to illuminate the road when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Due to the low visibility in foggy days, the driver's line of sight is limited. The light can increase the running distance, especially the light penetration of the Yellow anti fog lamp, which can improve the visibility between the driver and the surrounding traffic participants, so that incoming vehicles and pedestrians can find each other at a distance.
If the fog lamp suddenly goes out, we need to see if it is caused by poor contact at the corresponding parts. If the control module plug is corroded, water ingress and other virtual connection factors, the above phenomena will be caused in bumpy road conditions.

LED light(car lamp housing)
Light emitting diode, abbreviated as LED, is called light emitting diode in Chinese. LED light strip refers to the assembly of LED on strip FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which is named because its product shape is like a strip.

Diurnal light(car lamp housing)
The daytime running lights shall turn on automatically after the vehicle engine is started. After dark, the driver needs to manually turn on the conventional lighting lights, and the daytime running lights will go out automatically. Daytime running lights make it easier for other "road users" to see the car and consume less energy than current low beam headlights. Daytime running lights are only equipped on a few good cars and become a symbol of good cars.

The vehicle LED daytime running lamp installed in the front of the vehicle body is a lamp that makes it easier for people to recognize the vehicle when driving in the daytime. Its function is not to make the driver see the road clearly, but to let others know that a car is coming. Therefore, this lamp is not a lamp, but a signal lamp. Of course, the installation of car daytime running lights can make the car look cooler and more dazzling, but the greatest effect of LED daytime running lights is not beauty, but to provide the identifiability of the vehicle. Turning on headlights when driving abroad can reduce 12.4% of vehicle accidents and 26.4% of traffic accident deaths. In short, the purpose of daytime running lights is for traffic safety.