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The maintenance of the car lamp housing(2)

Tail lamp replacement(car lamp housing)
1. Open the luggage compartment cover, cut off the vehicle power supply, clean the luggage compartment and leave room for replacement.
2. Remove the dust plate at the back of the lamp. Most lamps are divided into two types: integrated bulb and socket and separated bulb and socket. The former is introduced here, and the latter is shown in the replacement of headlights below.
3. Determine the lamp to be replaced, press and hold the rotary handle at the rear of the lamp and screw it off. Replace the lamp with a new one, and pay attention to the model and color of the lamp.
4. Reinstall the lamp and dust plate. Generally speaking, the disassembly and assembly of the tail lamp is relatively easy. For one thing, the working space is large, and for the other, the structure is relatively simple.

Headlamp replacement(car lamp housing)
1. Open the engine compartment cover and observe the layout of auto parts on the back of the headlamp. If there is insufficient space, go to a professional "4S" store to replace it. Determine the headlamp model of your car and pay attention to the identification model of the lower part of the outer glass of the headlamp.
2. Screw off the lamp cover. Note that the method of removing the lamp cover will vary slightly according to different models.
3. Pull out the lamp holder with power cord. When pulling out, pay attention to holding the lamp by hand to avoid damage.
4. Loosen the lamp holder circlip to take out the lamp, and then reinstall a new bulb. The reassembly process is the reverse order of disassembly, which will not be repeated here. Be sure to replace the dust cover to prevent the headlamp from being disturbed by rain and dust.

Other(car lamp housing)
While grasping the key, do not forget to check other lamp systems, such as turn signal lamp, license plate lamp, side marker lamp, parking lamp, reversing lamp and brake lamp. In addition, many vehicles also use fog lamps as standard equipment or popular options. Fog lamps are generally installed at a lower position on the vehicle, so they are very vulnerable to stone damage. When maintaining them, in addition to checking the lighting system itself, the cracks in the lamp lens should not be ignored.