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The classification of car lamp housing

Headlamp(car lamp housing)
The combined headlamp is in the front of the car. It mainly plays the role of lighting and signal. The light emitted by the headlamp can illuminate the road conditions in front of the vehicle body, so that the driver can drive safely at night. The combined headlamp can be divided into halogen lamp and xenon lamp according to the light source, According to the function, it can be divided into (1) low beam lamp, (2) high beam lamp, (3) front turn signal lamp, (4) front position lamp (also known as side marker lamp, indicating the position lamp of the vehicle), and front fog lamp. Fog lamp is not mandatory in national regulations, and is basically equipped for all models.

Combined tail lamp(car lamp housing)
The combined tail lamp is at the rear of the car. It mainly plays the role of lighting and signal. The rear lamp is generally composed of (3) rear position lamp, (5) reversing lamp, (1) brake lamp, (2) rear fog lamp, (4) rear turn signal lamp and retro reflector.

Cornering lamp(car lamp housing)
A lamp used to indicate a left or right turn to other road users. The regulatory requirements are amber.

License plate lamp is mainly used to illuminate the license plate, so that people can distinguish the vehicle license plate in the dark.