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How to choose a good armrest box

1.See if you can accept screwing a few screws on your car body(armrest box)
If acceptable, plastic or wooden MDF can be selected. If unacceptable, wooden MDF can be selected. If loose, double-sided adhesive tape can be pasted for auxiliary fixation.

2 See what you like about the external shape and function of the armrest box
The plastic armrest box has a unique and novel shape and looks good. The overall integrated design shape of wooden MDF material looks a little regular. In particular, some of the oldest customers are called toilet armrest boxes, but it is more stable than plastic, and there will be no abnormalities during driving. With the development of the market, the functions of armrest boxes are more and more, Additional functions, such as subwoofer function, built-in lighting, refrigeration function, TV function, etc. With the continuous expansion of the market, the competition is becoming stronger and stronger, the product renewal is faster and faster, and some imitations are gradually flooding the market.

3 See your pursuit of storage space(armrest box)
Generally, the storage space of wooden MDF is larger than that of plastic. Compared with the storage space of plastic armrest box, it has greatly changed, surpassing the storage capacity of some wooden MDF armrest boxes. Of course, the price is not cheap. The materials should be made of raw materials. Generally, there will be overall and local size display, as well as the size display of storage space