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Different kinds of car's armrest box

Original car armrest box
The original armrest box refers to the armrest box equipped by the automobile manufacturer when the model leaves the factory. Generally, it is relatively low. Under normal circumstances, it can only be used as a storage box and can not play the role of handrail.

1. Engineering plastic armrest box
The engineering plastic handrail box is mainly made of ABS resin, which is roughly divided into three parts. Namely: Main handrail (box) box, middle link trapezoidal box and base. Except that the base of each car is different, the style of the main and auxiliary hand (box) box is basically the same. The engineering plastic handrail box is convenient for production, with high output and convenient materials, so the cost is low and the price is cheap. The sales volume in the market is also relatively large, and the disadvantages of the plastic armrest box are becoming more and more obvious. The installation is troublesome. It needs to be perforated and screwed. The installation destroys the tightness and appearance of the original car, and even makes abnormal noise when driving. The service life is short, which needs to be improved. Compared with the process type handrail box, the price difference between the two is larger and the service life difference is larger [the quality of plastic handrail boxes made of recycled materials by unscrupulous manufacturers is more worrying! If they are directly damaged, the average service life is from 1 to 3 months; the average service life made of raw materials is unknown because most of the car owners surveyed have reported that they have not been worn out [there are few data, so we will not make comparison statistics].

2. Handcraft armrest box:
With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the popularity of family cars and people's higher and higher requirements for the decorative art effect of the automobile interior, as well as the function and environmental protection practicability, the leather craft armrest box has achieved unprecedented development! The leather armrest box takes the environmental protection high-density board as the frame, supplemented by injection molding parts and metal parts. The appearance design is people-oriented, which not only improves the driving efficiency Practicability and outstanding performance in appearance beauty! There are a variety of craft armrest boxes with different styles and functions to meet the high-end demand market. The craft armrest box is mainly characterized by avoiding punching and installation. It is easy to install, does not damage the original vehicle structure, has large storage space, smooth overall lines, reasonable structure, exquisite materials, strong and durable, and the selling price also varies according to different materials and functions The difference is that compared with the price of engineering plastic handrail box, the price is higher, and the existing manufacturers have made good performance in creating intelligent and environment-friendly manual technology.