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The precaution of using the car lamp housing(1)

Increase lamp brightness and improve driving safety(car lamp housing)
In spring, the increasingly frequent rainfall is like adding to the snow for many car owners who originally thought the lights were not bright enough. The rain reduces the penetration of the lights, and the high reflection of the ponding ground has caused serious visual obstacles for drivers driving at night. Enhancing the brightness of the lamp has become the most urgent issue at this time.

It is not advisable to increase the power(car lamp housing)
The simplest way to add light is naturally to increase the power of headlights. Although this method has low cost and simple construction, the effect is limited and there are certain hidden dangers. Replacing 50W headlights with 100W headlights will not simply double the brightness. On the contrary, due to the increase of power, the damage of the line will increase accordingly, resulting in line heating, accelerating conductor aging, and the voltage at both ends of the headlamp will drop. Most of the results are as follows: the brightness only increases a little, but it will increase the line load and bury potential accidents, and the lampshade and lamp bowl are in danger of deformation and discoloration due to too high temperature.

Hid has poor effect in rainy season(car lamp housing)
Hid gas discharge lamp is also called xenon lamp. The utility model has the advantages of high brightness, high color temperature, long service life and low energy consumption; The disadvantage is that the price is high and the installation is not easy. The forcibly refitted xenon lamp will lead to the light distribution of the original vehicle not meeting the national standards, and the price of lamps that can meet the lighting standards of the original factory is surprisingly high. The main problem is that the color temperature of HID lamp is too high, resulting in its light penetration in rainy and foggy weather is even worse than that of ordinary lamp, so it is not recommended.