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The precaution of using the car lamp housing(2)

The effect of intelligent dimmer is good(car lamp housing)
Now there is a product called intelligent automobile headlamp dimmer on the market. It adopts the method of constant voltage to provide a constant working voltage for the automobile headlamp separately, improve the light brightness, and does not change with the change of engine speed, do not change the light distribution of the original headlamp, and do not increase the line load of the original vehicle. It is safe and practical.

(car lamp housing)Through the built-in high-efficiency and high-performance power supply module, Filter, isolate, boost and stabilize the unstable power supply (10V-15V) from the automobile power generation assembly (12V vehicle series), so as to provide a constant and optimal working voltage for the automobile headlamp (14.1v). This voltage meets the international standard. When the automobile headlamp works at this voltage, the luminous efficiency is the highest, the color temperature is close to the sunlight, the human eye is not easy to fatigue, and the service life loss of the headlamp is less than 15%.

Intelligent automobile headlamp dimmer has many regular connectors for various models, and common models on the market can be easily refitted. The work is to find a suitable position to fix the dimmer, connect two wires to the battery pole, and then connect the connector. Generally speaking, the price of regular similar products on the market is about 400-600 yuan, and the manufacturer should also be able to provide quality assurance for a period of time.

Relation to driving safety: pay attention to regular inspection of lamps(car lamp housing)

It is an extremely fast and simple work to check the bulb burn out fault of exterior lamps. However, the overall and systematic maintenance of exterior lamps is not so simple.
Timely maintenance of exterior lamps is very important for drivers, because it not only affects the driving comfort, but also directly related to the driving safety. Usually, before being reminded, it is difficult for car owners to realize that the headlights, tail lights, cornering lights or parking lights can no longer work normally.
In more cases, the failure of the lamp(car lamp housing) is not limited to small problems such as bulb burning, socket corrosion or plug damage. Professional diagnostic technology is often needed to analyze the root cause of the failure.
If the headlamp is damaged, it is usually replaced with similar lamps. Some cars are equipped with high intensity discharge headlamp hid, which generates high-density light source through high-voltage arc discharge generated by its pre designed electronic system. Note that ordinary quartz halogen bulbs cannot be used here. In addition, check whether the headlamp lens has cracks, because although the surface cracks will not affect the lighting performance of the headlamp, moisture will penetrate into the lamp along the cracks, which will inevitably reduce the service life of the bulb.

While grasping the key, do not forget to check other lamp systems, such as turn signal lamp, license plate lamp, side marker lamp, parking lamp, reversing lamp and brake lamp.