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The water prevention for car lamp housing

car lamp housing)In addition to changes in the weather, human factors will also turn the lights into "tears", such as vehicle wading, car washing, etc. When the vehicle wades in the water, because the engine and exhaust system are relatively large heat sources, rainwater will form a large amount of water vapor on it. Along the vent pipe, some water vapor will enter the headlamp.

(car lamp housing)The car wash is more direct. Some car owners like to wash the engine compartment with a high-pressure water gun. They have an unspeakable pleasure when they see the sludge and leaves retreated one by one by the high-pressure water gun in their hands. After washing, the accumulated water in the engine compartment was not treated in time. After the engine compartment cover was closed, the water vapor could not be distributed outside the vehicle quickly, and the water vapor trapped in the engine compartment might enter the interior of the headlamp.

For the cleaning work in the engine compartment, we should wipe it with cotton or cloth, or blow it with high-pressure air to avoid "moisture" in the engine part as much as possible.

car lamp housing)If the headlight is unfortunately flooded with water, we should remove it immediately. Let the water inside dry, and then wipe the headlamp and lamp cover with a dry cloth or towel. After finding that there is nothing wrong with the lamp, it is best to replace the sealing strip of the rear cover of the lamp and the ventilation pipe.