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How to take good care of the car lamp housing

Car headlights(car lamp housing), commonly known as "headlights", are responsible for the lighting of driving at night. It can be said that headlights are equivalent to the eyes of cars. As the saying goes, "the eye is the window of the soul", we can see its importance. We all know that we should start from peacetime, and the maintenance of headlights is the same.

The first move of "eye care": do not use inferior light bulbs.

The "soul" of headlamp is its bulb. Its performance will affect the effect of night lighting and is directly related to driving safety. Therefore, high quality headlamp bulbs should be used to fully ensure safety. What are the hazards of using inferior light bulbs?

First of all,(car lamp housing) it is natural that the service life of low-quality bulbs is short and stable quality cannot be guaranteed.

Secondly, high-quality bulbs(car lamp housing) have good light distribution and high brightness, while low-quality bulbs have insufficient brightness, poor focus and short range. When overtaking, drivers will have visual illusion and are prone to accidents. In addition, due to the poor sealing of low-quality lamps, it is easy to get water in rainy days or car washing, which will produce fog in the lamps, and in serious cases, it will cause line short circuit and fire. Therefore, do not consider inferior bulbs when refitting headlights by yourself or when they need to be replaced due to damage